Financial Sponsorship for Families Representing the School

The P&C Executive Committee will provide sponsorship for students representing Loftus Public School who:

  1. are competing in a state level competition (or above) in any endeavour (sporting or non-sporting); and/or

  2. need to travel outside of the Greater Sydney area.

The Executive Committee is authorised to contribute $50 per individual inside the Greater Sydney area, $100 per individual outside the Greater Sydney area (up to $300 per year for each individual) or $300 per team.

In a financial year if $1,500 is spent on sponsorship subsequent applications need to be brought to a General Meeting for discussion. The funds will be incorporated as part of reporting for the annual report.

In the event that the Executive Committee determine that support is not able to be provided, then the decision is to be taken to a vote at the next General Meeting.

Any person can make an application to the P&C Executive Committee for sponsorship at any time.  Contact the secretary via to do this.

Thank you for your support!

Orders have now closed.

Hot cross buns will be delivered to classrooms on the 29th March.