Environmental Impact Statement

Loftus Public School P&C Association supports sustainable initiatives and aims to consider the environment in its operations and events. Some examples include:

Our operations

  • P&C Meetings minutes and agendas are provided to members electronically and uploaded to the P&C website.
  • Uniform shop receipts are emailed.
  • Second hand uniforms are donated and available for purchase.
  • Communications regarding events and P&C initiatives are published in the electronically published school newsletter.

P&C events

  • Discos: Students are requested to bring refillable water bottles with no bottled water available for purchase. Payment/registration is via online.
  • Munchie Day: Students are requested to bring their own containers with re-usable platters to place the various cakes/fruit platters/savoury items on.
  • Grandparents Day: Reusable cups were encouraged to be used at the complimentary morning tea.
  • Fund raising BBQs - No plastic utensils used with arrangements in place for recycling of cans/drink bottles if for sale (i.e at Election BBQ events).
  • Spring Fair - Posters/banners designed to enable re-use in subsequent years. Arrangements are made for recycling of cans/drinks bottles.
  • Trivia night: Electronic ticketing was used.

Thank you for your support!

Orders have now closed.

Hot cross buns will be delivered to classrooms on the 29th March.